Geographical areas

Tecnotree Group operates in the following geographical areas: Europe & Americas (Europe and North, Central and South America) and MEA & APAC (Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific).

Europe & Americas

The business operations in the market area stabilized after the 29% decline in net sales in year 2016. Year 2017 net sales in the area was EUR 24.2 (25.0) million. Decline in year 2017 came from Europe area for the most part. The order book in the area grew compared to the previous year and stood at EUR 10.7 million (7.4).

The Latin America business was flat for 2017. The legacy business remains solid but the acquisition of new accounts proved elusive. During this period Tecnotree delivered the first solution into a customer’s private cloud, building confidence in the technologies and deployment model that underpin the new product portfolio.

In Europe year 2017 had virtualization of VAS platforms with multiple customers and Nokia sale co-operation started introducing hot new sales opportunities for early 2018.


Net sales decreased 12.0% from the previous year, to EUR 30.9 (35.1) million. The sales for the financial period consisted of the extension and update of the solutions carried out to current customers, the renewal of annual maintenance agreements, as well as the partial implementation of new deals. At the end of 2017, the order book stood at EUR 15.5 million (17.4).

In MEA company made substantial progress in modernising the legacy base with upgrades to the latest products in the portfolio. CLM and MyLife Dashboard (MLD) were successfully deployed across a number of important operators in the region. In year 2018 this roll-out is expected to continue.

APAC saw continuing business with the customers acquired in recent years, but a number of new logo opportunities were delayed and will be pursued in 2018.