Management, auditors and corporate governance

Tecnotree’s Board of Directors comprised the following persons in 2017:

Harri Koponen, Chairman
Pentti Heikkinen, Vice Chairman
Christer Sumelius
Matti Jaakola
Pirjo Pakkanen, until 3 June 2017

Padma Ravichander, the CEO of the company

In 2017 the Group’s Management Board comprised Padma Ravichander CEO, Kirsti Parvi CFO, Indrajit Chaudhuri Senior Vice President, Sanjay Ketkar Vice President, Mike Keegan Vice President, Udayan Kelkar Senior Director, Reija Virrankoski Vice President and Sheela Singh Vice President

Tecnotree’s auditor in the financial year 2017 was KPMG Oy Ab, and the principal auditor was Leenakaisa Winberg, Authorised Public Accountant.

The Board of Directors has approved the Corporate Governance Statement of the Company for the year 2017.

According to the Articles of Association the 3-8 members of the Board of Directors are elected at the yearly Shareholders' meeting. The members are appointed for the period ending at the end of the following ordinary Shareholders' meeting. The Board of Directors appoints the CEO.